Submit Repair Request

How to submit a Maintenance an Repair Requests:

Repair & Maintenance Requests must be formally submitted via TouchPoint's online Maintenance Portal.

Please keep a look our for a welcome email to access your maintenance portal.

We recommend that you bookmark this link for future use:

Click Here: To access your maintenance portal

All maintenance request must include a detailed description of the issue and supporting pictures. 

Normal Non Emergency-Maintenance request will be handled during business hours Monday-Friday 9am-6pm Eastern Time. Please allow for a 24-48 hours response

Maintenance Emergencies can be directed to our 24/7 hotline In Addition to the Tenant Maintenance Portal 
704-443-7470 Ext 106. 

Maintenance Emergencies include anything that would put the Tenant's Safety or the Property in Danger:

  • Fire (First call 911)
  • Gas Leaks 
  • Unmanageable Water leaks and floods
  • HVAC not working, when outside temperature below 50°F & above 80°F
  • No water, gas or electricity (Please call Utility Company First)
  • Front door, not closing (Risk of burglary)
  • An electrical problem that could result in short circuits or fires 
  • Refrigerator/freezer not working
  • Presence of Carbon Monoxide or Smoke
  • Total stoppage of the drain system that liquid drain o will not resolve.
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