Resident Move-Out Procedures

 Move-Out Guide

Thank you for providing the 30/60 day notice of your intent to terminate your lease and that you will vacate the property on your lease end date.  

The following information is a guide meant to help residents make the move out as smooth and stress-free as possible. 

Lease Responsibility:

Please remember that You are responsible for your lease obligations until the lease end date as described on your lease or until the unit has been rented and a new Tenant has moved in. A 30/60 day notice states your intention to end your tenancy but does not release you from your lease responsibilities. 

Early Termination charges: 

(If applicable) If you are breaking your lease, you will be responsible for the lease break fee or all actual costs related to the early termination of your lease and marketing costs for re-renting the unit as stipulated by your rental agreement/lease. 

Carpet Cleaning: 

This does not apply to you if you "Pre-Paid Move-Out Cleaning Fee" at move-in. Please check your lease.

(Where applicable) If there are carpets on the property...You must have your carpets restored to like move-in condition, minus normal wear, by the time of your final inspection.  

This means that carpets must be professionally cleaned (not self-cleaned) prior to moving out. 

If pets have resided on the property, please note that the Pet Treatment must be included when having carpets cleaned. 

In the event carpets have not been restored to like move-in condition, minus normal wear and tear; carpet cleaning will be ordered on your behalf, and the actual cost plus a $99.00 Maintenance Coordination Fee to TouchPoint PM will be charged to your security deposit.

Dryer Vent Cleaning: 

This does not apply to you if you "Pre-Paid Move-Out Cleaning Fee" at move-in. Please check your lease.

All tenants will be required to have the dryer ducts professionally cleaned prior to moving out. TouchPoint can provide this service for $95.00.

Lawn Maintenance and Exterior Care:

Lawn maintenance is the responsibility of the tenant.  Please be sure that the lawn is maintained during your transition.  If you’re moving out before the end of your lease, you are responsible for continuing lawn maintenance until your lease ends or until the new tenant moves in. 

Post-Move-Out Inspection

TouchPoint will perform a detailed move-out inspection within 3 business days of your lease end date.  Please refer to your lease and the Move-Out Guide to ensure that the home is ready for this inspection at the time of departure. 

We will compare this move-out report to TouchPoint's Pre Move-In Report and your Self Move-In Report. Any discrepancies in the reports that are above and beyond normal wear and tear will be the resident's responsibility.

Security Deposit Refund:

To expedite the return of your Security Deposit, we need you to log in to your

1-Log into Your Tenant Portal

2-Click the Orange Box that says "Finalize your Move-Out"

3-Enter the bank account info where you want your security deposit return to go.

4-Enter your new Mailing Address (or Security Deposit and/or mail will go to the last address on record)

Please Note that if you have an Obligo Billing Authorization in place of the security deposit any damages beyond Normal Wear and Tear will be charged against that Billing Authorization. If there aren't any damages beyond Normal Wear and Tear the Billing Authorization will be closed out without any charges. Either way, you will receive notice from Obligo regarding the move-out being finalized and all of the details that pertain to the move-out as well.

The NC State law requires us to get the Security Deposit Disposition Letter out to you within 30 days of your move-out date It usually takes us 2 weeks to review the move-out property condition reports, obtain maintenance repair proposals, and update accounting ledgers to confirm how much we are authorized to return after we subtract what needs to be held back if any.

If there are any discrepancies noted on your disposition letter please let us know immediately and the team will review it right away to ensure that your security deposit reaches you before the 60-day mark.

We completely understand how important it is to our residents to receive the security deposit funds and or Billing Authorization be closed out as soon as possible... therefore we will work diligently to make sure that this is a smooth process and is completed in a timely manner so that you can focus on getting settled into your new home.

REMINDER: The deposit is not to be considered last month’s rent.

Normal Wear and Tear vs. Damage Guide.

This information is included in the last section of your Lease, in the Tenant Handbook. Please read over this section to ensure that all items are corrected prior to your move-out. on page 22.

If you have paid a "Pre-Paid Move-Out Cleaning Fee" then please note that all you will need to do is make certain that all personal property has been removed from the property and we will take care of the rest.

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding any damages that you believe you should address prior to moving out and we will provide assistance to ensure that your deposit is returned in its entirety.

If you have not paid the "Pre-Paid Move-Out Cleaning Fee" at move-in then please read the following Move-Out Cleaning Guide as everything included is the responsibility of the tenants at move-out. Please also make sure that you read your Lease for any other items referenced on the lease such as Carpet Cleaning, Dryer Vent Cleaning, etc. to ensure that funds are not held from your security deposit. Tenants that follow this move-out guide are ensured to receive their full security deposit unless there are damages considered above normal wear and tear which have not been addressed prior to move-out.

Move-Out Cleaning Guide

This guide is meant to help Tenants understand the standards that are to be met.  You may clean the house yourself, but an approved professional cleaning service is advised.  If you want to hire one of our approved vendors, please email us at

1.   Remove all furniture and personal property from the house, yard, and garage.

2.   Remove all trash from the house, yard, and garage.  The trash barrels must be empty when the property is turned over.  You cannot leave the trash barrels for pick up after you leave. If trash is left behind, a minimum $100 trash hauling fee will be charged. 

3.   Clean all appliances thoroughly inside and out, including but not limited to the oven, stove, dishwasher, microwave, refrigerator, washer, and dryer.

A.  Both the stove and refrigerator must be pulled out and cleaned on the top, sides, back, and underlying floor.  Be careful not to tear any vinyl flooring or scratch hardwoods when pulling appliances out.

B.  Do not use harsh cleansers on the appliance surfaces. It will damage the finish.

C.  Run the oven on the self-clean cycle if available and finish cleaning the interior after the cycle is done.

D.  Clean the stove drip pans (replace if necessary) and underneath the stovetop.  Use a non-abrasive pad and cleanser on ceramic and glass cooktops.

E.   Clean the oven hood and vent filter.  Wash metal screens in the dishwasher or replace them.  The inside of the hood must be thoroughly cleaned.  Be sure to clean around the edges of the dishwasher, stove, and microwave inside the door.

F.   Garbage disposal must be clean of debris. 

G.  All hard water stains and crust are to be removed from faucets, refrigerator water dispensers, sinks, showers, and tubs.  This can take quite a while.

H.  Unplug the refrigerator and thoroughly clean the entire interior. This may require the removal of shelving in order to be done properly.  Please do not leave the refrigerator unplugged.

I. Wipe out all drawers and remove any liners.  Wipe down all shelves.  The cabinet doors and drawers are to be wiped down with the cleaner made for use on wood.

J.  Replace any and all burned-out light bulbs inside and out. This includes appliance light bulbs.

4.   Clean all bathrooms thoroughly. Use disinfectant as necessary. 

A.  Clean around and behind the toilet and toilet seat.  All hard water marks and stains in the bowls must be removed.  Do NOT use automatic bowl cleaners that are left in the tank.

B.   Clean and remove any mildew on the tile, shower, and tub.

C.   Clean all glass and mirrors.

D.   Clean all bathroom exhaust fans, light bulbs, and fixtures.

E.   Remove all hard water stains from showers, faucets, shower doors, and sinks.

5.   A professional carpet cleaner is highly advised. Do not attempt to rent and clean carpets yourself.

6.   If there is a fireplace, and it has been used, the firebox must be free of ash and unburned debris. The firebox and mantle must be cleaned of burned smoke. 

7.   Clean or dust all horizontal surfaces, including, but not limited to:  blinds, ceiling fans,  light fixtures,  built-in shelves, baseboards, tops of doors,  tops of dry-walled niches, tops of cabinets, and anything else that will collect dust or dirt.  This is the most commonly overlooked item.

8.   All windows must be cleaned, both inside and out.  The screens must be hosed down to remove dust and dirt.  The window tracks must be thoroughly cleaned.  A wet vac and cleaning spray with a brushwork well for this. 

9.  All light switches, electric outlets, and switch plates must be cleaned. Generally, a toothbrush works well for this purpose.  If you are concerned about electrical shock, turn off the power at the electrical panel before doing this cleaning.

10.  Clean and mop all ceramic tiles using appropriate cleaners for tile.  In addition, a final hot water rinse is required; otherwise, the floors will remain sticky.

11.  Clean all vinyl flooring.  A final hot water rinse is mandatory. 

12.   Wash down all walls to remove fingerprints and stains.  The "3M Magic Eraser" pads work well.

13.   Wipe down all doors, including the front door.  Wash door handles thoroughly.

14.   PLEASE REMOVE picture hangers and nails from the walls.  Acceptable nails, monkey hooks, etc., would be no more than 2-3 per wall.  TouchPoint does not allow mounted shelving, TVs, etc., without prior written approval. 

15.   Sweep out the garage and remove any oil stains from the concrete.  Also, remove stains from a concrete driveway.  If you can’t remove the stains, you will need to have the concrete power-washed.

16.   Clean all HVAC registers.  Usually, they can be vacuumed and wiped down.  If they are very dirty, they have to be removed and cleaned.

17.   Replace all burned-out bulbs in the house, garage, and outside.

18.   Replace the HVAC filters with new filters.

19.   All weeds must be pulled in front, back, and side yards.  Gravel must be raked to be free of debris. If you want to use one of our landscapers, please call us for the number.

20.   Please be sure that all smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are present and that batteries are working properly.

21.   If you are a pet owner, please review your pet addendum for requirements as part of your lease.  All receipts for services as required are due at the time of move-out.

Remit Professional Service Receipts:

Please reply to remit receipts for items required in the lease. If this section is not completed, Touchpoint will handle these items for you at your expense. Please forward these to Please note that professional carpet cleaning must meet our standards. If there was a pet or animal on the premises please make sure that the professional carpet cleaning includes the pet treatment. If our move-out inspection notes that the carpets do not meet our standards these will be cleaned again at your cost. If you would like us to send you a list of our preferred vendors please let us know as we would like to ensure that your security deposit is returned in its entirety.

1. Professional carpet cleaning as applicable

2. Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning

3. If Pets, Professional Air Duct Cleaning

4. Refrigerator Filter Replacement as applicable

Utility Shut Off:

You are responsible for the utilities until the termination of your lease.  If you are moving out prior to the end of your lease, you must maintain utilities until the end of your lease at a reasonable setting. Do not remove your name from the account with the utility provider before your lease obligation is up.

Departure and Key Return:

Once you have completed your move-out on the Last Day of Occupancy, please deliver all keys, garage remotes, mailbox keys, and any HOA cards/fobs to TouchPoint Property Management on the lease expiration date. 

6404 Carmel Rd, Suite 201

Charlotte NC 28226

Office hours are Monday through Thursday 9:30 am to 4:30 pm and Friday 9:30 am to 3:00 pm. However, please feel free to deposit the keys through the mail slot on the door. Please ensure the keys are in an envelope with your name and property address.

Please email TouchPoint indicating that you have now vacated the home, along with the date,  address, and time.  Please be sure the home is secure, and all windows, doors, etc., are locked.  Rent will continue to be charged by the day when no notice of vacating the home has been provided as per the lease. 

Please note that if keys are not received End of the Lease day you will continue to be charged for the property and there will be a $100.00 lease breach fee for not turning in all keys as instructed. 

Online Payments:

If you have set your rent to be paid online automatically, please be sure to log on and cancel the auto draft.

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