Resident Move-In Procedures - Part 2

Step 7. Utility Activation:

72 hours prior to your lease start date, you will need to provide proof that all utilities have been activated in your name. Your lease specifies which utilities you are responsible for and what you will be required to activate.

Necessary Utilities include: Electricity, Gas, Water/Sewer

Please email your supporting documents to:

See below for assistance in setting up your utilities:

Our FREE concierge Utility Setup Service, Citizen Home Solutions, will contact you by phone to help you set up your utilities. This is a free service to assist you with connecting utilities, cable, and internet according to your area. If you have not heard from Citizen Home Solutions, go to our website at: 

Click here: Citizen Home Solutions Free Utility Setup Concierge Service to set up your utilities.

Click here: Utility Provider Contact List

Note: Failure to transfer utilities in a timely manner will result in a charge of $50 per utility bill or denial of move-in

Note: If utility/account numbers are not received by the due date above, it will delay picking up your move-in packet.  Please note that if you are using CITIZENS to set up your utilities, you will be responsible for getting the account numbers/confirmation numbers from them or the utility companies themselves to provide to us. 

Step 8. Paying Pre-Move-In Fees

We will send you an email itemizing your pre-move-in fees. These fees will be due on the date on which keys are picked up at the office in the form of only a  Cashier's Check or Money Order. 

Keys will not be released without a Cashiers Check or Money Order

Do not bring cash or personal checks.

We have sent you a separate invitation to set up your online Tenant Portal. This is where you will pay all your monthly rental obligations. 

Click here to access your Online Tenant Portal

Your Property Holding Deposit will be converted to your first month's rent upon your move-in.

Step 9. Self-Move-In Procedure:

Once all of the above items have been collected...The next step is for Tenants to personally pick up your move-in package (which includes keys/fobs etc.) on the day of move-in  ONLY. This is the same date listed as your start date on your lease. 

You will need to show a copy of your Government ID with your picture on it.  

Also, please note that it is not the receptionist's duty to track us down for any reason it will be up to you to reach out to us if you need anything; she is only there to give you and have you sign for your move-in package.  

Pickup Location:

Please see the front desk receptionist during the following hours

TouchPoint Property Management

6404 Carmel Rd, Suite 201 Charlotte, NC 28277

Monday -Friday from 9:15 am until 4:15 pm only

Residents will let themselves into the property on Move-in Day.

The following steps will provide instructions on how you will perform and submit your Self Move-In Property Evaluation Report before day 3 of your lease.

Step 10. Self Move-In Property Evaluation Report:

Within three days following your lease start date...Residents will complete their own Self Move-In Property Evaluation Report to document the condition of the property to avoid any discrepancy when you move out.

Note: This report must be completed and submitted to TouchPoint no later than 3 days following the Lease Start Date.

You will receive a Text Message with your "MyWalkthru" Smart Phone inspection App access instructions. This app will allow you to take pictures and notate the property's condition from your perspective.

For more information on the features and benefits, please visit

Our Team will perform a Pre-Move-In Survey Report documenting the Pre-Move-In Condition of the Rental Property two days prior to your Move-In. Our report will contain detailed pictures that we will use to compare to the Post Move-Out Survey Report following your Move-Out Date.

Any items we discover above and beyond normal wear and tear will be applied against your Security Deposit. There are fees associated when Move-Out procedures and specifications are not followed. Please see your lease for clarification.

Here are the instructions:

Please see below for IMPORTANT Information regarding your move-in walk-through:

1. You will be receiving an invite via text message with a link to download to your mobile smartphone

2. You will also receive an email containing your username and password as your login credentials for this app.

3. This app. will allow you to take detailed photos and comment on your property's condition at move-in. If you need to add another room or space to the report, there is a + symbol in the upper right corner of your app.

4. Please note that you will only have (3) days to complete this report, with the first day beginning with the start of your lease date.

5. Please note that this report is not a maintenance request. Any issues at the property you note using this app. are strictly for documentation purposes to protect your security deposit and will be used as a comparison against the move-out report we conduct after you vacate the property.

6. Upon completing your walk-through, you will be prompted to submit your notations/photos to us through the app. A report will be sent back to us and become a part of your move-in file.

Step 10. Maintenance Requests (How to):

Repair & Maintenance Requests must be formally submitted via TouchPoint's online Maintenance Portal.

Please look for a welcome email to access your maintenance portal.

We recommend that you bookmark this link for future use:

Click Here: To access your maintenance portal

All maintenance requests must include a detailed description of the issue and supporting pictures.

Normal Non-Emergency-Maintenance requests will be handled during business hours Monday-Friday, 9 am-6 pm Eastern Time. Please allow for a 24-48 hours response.

Maintenance Emergencies can be directed to our 24/7 hotline In Addition to the Tenant Maintenance Portal
704-443-7470 Ext 106.

Maintenance Emergencies include anything that would put the Tenant's Safety or the Property in Danger:

  • Fire (First call 911)
  • Gas Leaks 
  • Unmanageable Water leaks and floods
  • HVAC is not working when outside temperature is below 50°F & above 80°F
  • No water, gas, or electricity (Please call Utility Company First)
  • Front door, not closing (Risk of burglary)
  • An electrical problem that could result in short circuits or fires 
  • Refrigerator/freezer not working
  • Presence of Carbon Monoxide or Smoke
  • Total stoppage of the drain system that liquid drain o will not resolve.

Step 12. Paying Monthly Rent Online (How to):

You will receive a welcome email containing a link to access your Appfolio Online Tenant Portal. You will need to set up your login credentials.

We recommend that you bookmark this link for future use:

Click Here: To access your online Tenant Portal

Click Here: For instructions on how to use your Online Portal

Here are your payment options:

-You will have the option to set up your bank and configure one-time payments or monthly auto-payments.

Automatic Bank Transfer (ACH): This option is free

Credit or Debit card: This option has a 3% convenience/processing fee

Important Note: Rent is due on the 1st of the month and is considered late if not paid by the 5th.

Your lease describes applicable late fees and Returned Check charges (NSF) in the event rent is not paid on time or if your payment does not clear the bank.

Step 13. Customer Support (How to):

We truly look forward to having you as one of TouchPoint's Residents and hope you enjoy your time on our Property.

We want to ensure that you and our property management team have the smoothest communication possible and that your requests are handled expediently.

For the quickest response to any questions or concerns, please email our team and we will reply with a detailed answer/resolution or call you back at a convenient time to discuss.

Our team's email address is, and we typically respond to non-emergency issues in under 3 hours.

Future Steps:

This knowledge base will all answer questions regarding future steps related to occupying the property, such as:

Click here for: Mid Term Property Evaluations

Click here for: Lease Renewal Procedures

Click here for: Move-Out Procedures

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