Ready to Begin-Here is what we need

Welcome to TouchPoint Property Management! You're on your way to having a worry-free rental experience.

Here is what we need from you to begin the Property On-Boarding Process:

1. Property Management Agreement

Fill out and Sign the "Property Management Proposal and Agreement" that we emailed to you.

Attached forms:

IRS Tax Form W-9:

At the end of the year, the IRS requires our firm to file a 1099 form on your behalf to report your income from to property .

If you own the property in your name provide your Social Security Number Only and Disregard their Employer Identification Number

If the property is currently deeded to an entity... such as LLC or Trust...please provide the entity legal name and Employer Identification Number. Disregard SS# in this case

2. Property Intake Form

Click here to fill out and submit your Property Intake Form. Fill out one form for each property.

(Submit separate forms for each property)
***We can not start the onboarding process without this
This form will allow you to provide details about your property and specifics on how you would like things handled. 
This is our "Go to" form that we reference when marketing and managing your be as detailed as possible.

3. Fund your Owner Portal

Once you submit the online Property Intake Form and Management Agreement...We will send you an email that will allow you to log in to your TouchPoint Online Owner Portal and fund your 
  • $99 Setup Fee and 
  • $500. Maintenance Reserve.

Click here: For detailed instructions on Funding your Owner Portal

Note: The Maintenance Reserve is not a is your money that we hold in your rental account in the event that we have to perform maintenance or repairs on your property. We first seek your approval for any repair over $250.

4. Landlord Insurance

Provide us with a copy of your Landlord Insurance (AKA Fire Policy) listing on the policy:
  "TouchPoint Property Management as Additionally Insured"

This will provide liability coverage for your "non-owner-occupied" property and our company as well. We hold all necessary insurances as well. 

There are two reasons that we need our company listed on the policy as additional insured:

1. At no charge to the Owner, it will provide our company with coverage in the event that anything at all happens that is out of our control. Yes... We do have our own insurance but more insurance is always better.

2. If there is some sort of fire or flood-related issue on the property we will need to make a claim with your insurance company on your behalf and follow through with the repair for you. Having our name on the policy will allow us to talk to your insurance company on your behalf. It's better to get this done in advance so that we can act quickly if this ever does occur.

Keep in mind, that we require all of our residents, to hold "Rental Insurance" policies...which we will try to use where applicable before we make any claims on your policy.

5. On-boarding call with your Account Manager

Once we have the above items, within 1 business day, you will have an Introduction and On-boarding call with your designated TouchPoint Account Manager who will be your central point of contact. On this call, we will discuss obtaining access to your property and important dates and milestones to perform our intake condition evaluation report and marketing photos/videos.

6. Provide us with Keys, Remotes, and Fobs:

Please deliver to our office: At least 1 front door key for us to gain access. We will also require all miscellaneous keys, remotes, fobs, access cards, and mailbox keys. 
Please be so kind as to label them correctly to make our job easier. (If you do not provide all necessary items, we will need to create or obtain them from a Locksmith, HOA, or Post Office at your expense)

Our mailing address is:
TouchPoint Property Management

3540 Toringdon Way, Suite 200 Charlotte, NC 28277

7. Team Communication:

To ensure  timely and accurate communication between you and our team...

Email is the preferred method of communication as we can check email even if we are on hold on another call. 

We will respond to any non-emergency email inquiries typically in under 1 hour and if you need us to call you....simply send us an email including your desired call back time and the subject matter and we will be sure to call you at the confirmed time.

Our team shares one email address which is: 

***Please be sure to add this email address to your email "allowed" or "white list" to ensure that our email doesn't go to your junk mail or a spam folder. Naturally, always check your junk mail if you are expecting an email from us.

In some cases, our team may send system-generated SMS text message notifications as well.

8. The Next Steps (Preview)

Here is a preview of what the next steps look like after your On-Boarding call with your account manager. You can review it now or after your onboarding call.

Click here for: Property On-Boarding-What to Expect

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