On the Market-What to Expect

Your property is officially on the market. Please review the video or text below to know what to expect and what the next steps look like.

1-We have taken professional pictures and a walk-through video tour of your property 

 2-In the next 48 hours...Your listing will appear on over 100 high-traffic websites for prospective renters to see online. 

3-Your home has been listed on the Realtor MLS system for Realtors and Relocation Companies to share their prospective Renters with us. 

 4-If allowed...A professional "For Rent" Rent sign has been posted on the property to attract drive buy renters and attract referrals from neighbors 

5-We send out a broadcast to our database of over 5000 renters in the area....letting them know your property is available. 

What you should expect:

On a weekly basis, we track all of our property showings, showing feedback and application submissions to share with you on a weekly basis.

We should start receiving inquiries and showings requests almost immediately if the price of the home and the condition of the property is in line with the renter's expectations. 

In the Summertime when rental properties are in higher demand...it is normal to find a tenant in under 14 days. In the Fall/Winter when the market is slower the average is under 21 days. It's important to be very conservative on the price in the Fall/Winter to prevent extended vacancy.

We know that if we are receiving 3 showings and 1 rental application per week...that is the market telling us that they agree with your price and should rent shortly after. If we are not getting 3 showing and 1 rental application each week...that is the market telling us that we need at least a 5-10% price adjustment on a weekly basis to ensure that we increase demand and keep your property competitive.

Once we find a Qualified Tenant:

 Prospective tenants will submit a detailed rental application and they will be thoroughly screened and vetted to make sure that they are a good fit for your property. 

 Once we approve a Tenants application, within 24 hours...they will need to give us a non-refundable holding deposit equal to at least One Month's Rent to reserve the property while we prepare the lease and get it signed. 

After the lease has been signed then we will schedule the move-in date and perform a detailed walk-through with the tenant. 

 Please stand by for some updates. We will be in touch at least every 10 days. 

Move-In Process:

If you would like to future pace and see what the Tenant Move-In Process looks like. Otherwise, we will send it to you in the near future.

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