Tenant Fees and Charges:

Disclosure to Prospective Tenants Lease Related Fees and Charges:

  • Application Background Check Fee:
    • $65 per occupant over 18 years of age and any cosigner
    • Paid before Applying

  • Security Deposit:
    • Typically equal 1-2 Months Rent
    • Paid before Move-In
      • (Refundable at move-out if there are no property damages or unpaid charges)
    • Click below to learn how qualified Tenants can avoid paying upfront Security Deposit

  • Lease Processing Admin Fee:
    • $200 paid at Move-In
    • $200 paid at Lease Renewal (If tenant renews for another year)

  • Pet Acceptance Fee:
    • $100-$300, depending on the Petscreening Paw Score
    • Paid before Move-In

  • Monthly Pet Rent Admin Fee:
    • $25-$100/Month/Pet, depending on the Petscreening Paw Score

  • Tenant Property Inspection and Documentation Smartphone App Access:
    • $25 paid at Move-In
    • MyWalkThru
    • Allows tenant to inspect and document the condition of the property at Move-In to avoid discrepancies that would put their security deposit at risk at move-out

  • Move-Out Deep Cleaning Agreement Admin Fee:
    • $200-$400 paid at Move-In
    • The price depends on the size and specifications of the property
    • Tenant will not have to clean at Move-Out
    • Tenant is protected from the liability of being charged at move-out for cleaning
    • Click here for Details

  • Resident's Benefits Package:
    • $40.95 paid Monthly
    • Covers Tenant's Renters Insurance
    • Covers HVAC Filters quarterly delivery
    • Covers many more benefits to the Tenant
    • Click here for details
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