Management Termination Steps & Procedures

These are the sequences and steps we follow when a PM Agreement is Terminated

1-Receive written termination from Owner with "60 days Notice of Termination"

2-Send Owner and Broker Docusign Termination form including dates. I will send the form to you 60 days before the contract expires


Choose one from here:
A-Owner cancels and the tenant remains
B-Owner cancels and the tenant moves out

Choose one from here:
C-Owners cancels and the property is currently vacant
D-Owner cancels and sells property through us
E-Owner cancels and sells - not through us
F-Owner cancels and self manages
G-Owner cancels and transfers to another PM


  • Collect all unpaid property/owner invoices
  • If snail-mailing charge Owner a $25 flat fee to cover shipping costs costs
  • Transfer/Disburse the security deposit
  • After 90 days... to allow time for all invoices to be paid (Utility Company or Repair Vendors), Transfer the remaining maintenance reserve as per the Owners instructions. 
  • As per the Owners instructions, transfer the following items accordingly:

-12 Month Ledger
-Keys, Fobs, Remotes
-Security deposit if the tenant remains
-Remaining maintenance reserve
-Tenants Contact Info

If you have any questions, please let me know

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