Consider Allowing Pets

This article will cover what to consider when allowing pets into your rental property.

We find that 70% of the renters searching for rental properties online have at least one pet. So the Owners that allow for qualified pets have increased Demand on their property and, as a result, experience the following:

  • Increased market demand for your property
  • Rent faster 
  • Rent for better prices.
  • Receive more rental applications, allowing us to pick and choose from multiple applicants.
  • Less turnover and more lease renewals. Renters tend to stay longer when they find a home for their pet and more often renew their leases...which reduces your vacancy expenses and increases your profit margins.
  • By allowing pets, tenants will not need to sneak their pets and let them go undetected.
  • By Allowing pets, tenants will not need to circumvent our approval and management systems and go to any of the 100 websites that provide Service Animal Certification for just $50....which will make it illegal for you as the Landlord to refuse their Service Animal regardless of size or breed.

To protect your property and reduce liability:

  • We use a third-party pet screening service called that thoroughly screens the pet by collecting and reviewing the pet's records and references, so we only allow low-risk pets. With this process, we rarely have pet-related issues in properties with qualified pets and tenants.
  • We will not place dangerous breeds or pets too large for the property.
  •  TouchPoint collects a monthly pet fee from the tenant and, in return, offers the owner a Pet Damage Guarantee equal to one month of rent over the security deposit for any pet-related damages. To avoid Pet-Related Damages, TouchPoint goes above and beyond the scope of what an average Property Manager would do to screen and approve the pet and does periodic surveys to confirm that the tenant is following pet-related rules to avoid pet-related damages or violations. 
  • Upon moving out, our tenants are required to get a professional property cleaning which includes Carpets and HVAC ducts.

Because of this... we encourage our customers to allow qualified pets. This way, we can run a background check, qualify the pet, manage them correctly, and help make your property more profitable for you as the Owner.

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