Pre-Paid Move-Out Cleaning Agreement

Moving in and out of a new residence is a time-consuming and stressful process that often requires more time than a Resident has. Additionally, cleaning standards can vary significantly from one individual to another, causing discrepancies and lease-compliant issues…which we want to avoid.

The rules for vacating a rental are strict and, if not followed correctly, can result in penalty fees and/or loss of tenant security deposit. Residents are required to leave the property Professionally Deep Cleaned upon Move-Out. Professionally, Deep Cleaned means you should leave the property in the same condition as when you moved in, minus reasonable wear and tear, as per TouchPoint PM's Lease Agreement.

To lessen the Resident’s workload at move-out, avoid Move-Out cleaning discrepancies. Penalties and ensure that the Premises meet TouchPoint’s standards for a new resident to move in,

Resident agrees to pay a non-refundable, administrative Pre-Paid Move-Out Fee in the amount of:

Range of $300-$700 (depending on the size and bathroom count) Before Move-In, in consideration of TouchPoint not requiring Residents to leave the Premises Professionally Deep Cleaned upon move-out. 

Payment of this fee covers:

Cleaning appliances inside and out, Cleaning Cabinets and Drawers inside and out, Kitchen and Bathroom Deep Clean, Vacuuming and Mopping flooring, Dryer Vent Cleaning, Changing burnt-out light bulbs, dead batteries, HVAC Filters, and other minor cleaning items that the Resident would otherwise require to leave the Premises in a Professionally Deep-cleaned condition.

This Fee does not include:

Carpet Cleaning, HVAC Vent Duct Cleaning, Wall Cleaning, Painting, Removing trash or personal property left on premises, or lawn care.

This Move-out Fee is NOT refundable and is NOT part of the Resident’s Security Deposit on the Premises.

If additional cleaning beyond normal wear and tear is required after move-out, the Resident shall remain responsible for the actual costs associated with such cleaning. 

Furthermore, in the event any wall/floor/surface area is damaged due to pet urine, waste, or any other substance that cannot be removed by cleaning, the Resident shall remain responsible for any and all costs associated with the damage to said wall/floor/surface area, including, but not limited to, the pro-rated replacement costs of such wall/floor/surface area.

If TouchPoint is no longer the property manager of this unit on Resident’s move-out date, Resident agrees that TouchPoint will not be responsible for performing any of the cleaning activities as described above, that the cleaning activities and Move-Out Fee will be transferred to the new Landlord or Property Owner.

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