Your Tenant has Moved In-What to Expect

Congratulations are in order. Your tenant has moved into your property 

We wanted to notify you of the following and what to expect moving forward:

1. We have collected your tenant's move-in fees

2. Your tenant has officially moved into the property

3. We disperse rental proceeds to Owners on the 2nd Friday of each month, along with a detailed accounting report

4. You can view Property Reports and Accounting updates in real-time via your Online Owner Portal

5. Whenever a maintenance request requires dispatch, we will email you with status updates. If there is ever a repair that exceeds $500, we'll ask for your approval before we do it.

Click here for details on our Maintenance Process.

6. In the middle of the lease term, usually between (months 6 and 8), we will visit the property, perform an interior and exterior evaluation (Midterms Survey) of your property, and report our findings to you.

7. (70 days) Prior to the lease expiration date, we will approach you and the Tenant to discuss lease renewal options. Around that time, we will confirm if we will renew or extend the lease or if the tenant will move out, requiring us to place a new tenant. We will keep you up to date each step of the way.

6. If you have any questions, please use our team's shared email address as the primary method of communication.

If you need a callback, email us your question and what time you will be available for a call back to discuss in more detail.

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