Rental Application Screening, Background Check, Income, Credit Score Requirements and Criteria

      What we need from you:

      To apply to rent one of our properties, please visit our website using the link below, search for the property you are interested in, and then click "Submit an Application."

      Every occupant over 18 years of age must pay a $65 Application Fee and submit a formal application. 

      • The Application Fees are non-refundable

      We typically receive multiple applications on the properties as soon as they go on the market, and we look at completed applications first. 

      We will not begin processing your application until we have legible copies of the requested supporting documents below. Once all are collected, we can complete your application within 24-48 hours. 

      What We Need From You:

      • Make sure every occupant 18 years or older applies along with any Cosigners.
      • Government-Issued Photo ID:
        • Copy of Government Issued Picture ID for all occupants and Cosigners over 18 years and older.
      • Verifiable Household Income of 3 times the monthly rent: 
        • Provide copies of the following items below:
        • If Employed:
          • Last 3 most recent pay stubs
        • If Self-Employed: 
          • Last 2 most recent personal tax returns
          • Last 3 most recent personal bank statements
        • If both Employed and Self Employed
          • Provide all items above
        • Other Income: 
          • Such as Social Security, Investment Funds, Retirement Funds, Pension, or Alimony....please provide proof of such income.
        • If employed for less than 3 months at the current job, there is automatic double security (2 months rent) deposit at move-in or through Obligo Subscription.
        • Job relocation:
          • If you are moving to North Carolina and your current employer is transferring you: From your current employer, provide a job transfer letter on company letterhead; this must contain the supervisor's name, phone number, email address, start date, payment offer amount, and authorized signature.
          • If you are relocating to North Carolina and have received a job offer: From your new employer, provide your job offer letter on company letterhead; this must contain the supervisor's name, phone number, email address, start date, payment offer amount, and authorized signature.
      • Verify Resident History:
        • If you are currently renting or have rented in the last year, provide prior rental history information, including the previous landlord or property manager's name, phone number, and email address.
          • We require proof that your last three rent payments were paid. (From Bank Statement or Formal Tenant Rent Ledger Report)
        • If you Own or Owned your residence in the last year, provide Ownership documents, including your property address and your name. For example Copy of the Deed, Tax Records, and or Closing Statement.
        • Proof of Military Service in the last year if applicable
        • If you can not verify any of the above, there is automatic double security (2 months rent) deposit at move-in or through Obligo Subscription.
      • Report:
        • To claim if you "do" or "do not" have pets or service animals:
          • Check the property's advertisements and comments on our website to confirm the individual property pet policy.
          • We use a 3rd Party Pet Screening Service. You must go to this website link below and claim your Pet Screening report for each pet or service animal living on-premises. 
          • If you "do not" have a pet or animal, you still must go to the website below and choose "No Pets or Animals," and send us the "No Pet Affidavit" letter that they provide you.
          • Go to: and follow the steps to declare (No pets or animals), (Yes Household Pets), (Yes Assistance Animals).
          • This Pet Screening Report is transferable to many other Property Management Company Properties.
          • Pet screening fees (paid directly to PetScreening):
            • $20 for the first pet
            • $15 for each additional pet
            • Service/Companion animal registration is (Free with proper documentation)
            • No Pet Affidavit (Free)

      Scoring Criteria:

      TouchPoint uses an Objective Points Based Application Background Check Scoring System. Here are the scoring criteria:

      • Combined Average FICO Credit Check:
        • 675 or higher (Pass)
        • 625-674 (Conditional) 
        • 600-624 (Higher Risk) 
        • 599 and below (Automatic Denial)Verification of Income 3x Monthly Rent + Fees = Pass Below the above = Fail
      • Verification of Income 
        • 3x Monthly Rent + Fees = Pass 
        • Below the above = Fail
      • Verification of the last 3 Months of Rent Payment
        • Yes =Pass
        • No = Fail
      • Criminal Background Check
        • Sex Offender, 1+ felony or 5+ misdemeanors in last 7 years. (Automatic Denial)
        • No Murder, Manslaughter, Assault, Robbery, Rape, Child Molestation, Kidnapping, Arson, Manufacture, Delivery, sale of Illegal Drugs, or Possession with Intent to Deliver (Automatic Denial)
      • Evictions Check:
        • 1+ within the last 2 years or 2+in last 5 years (Automatic Denial)
      • Bankruptcy and Foreclosure:
        • 1 within the last year (Automatic Denial)
      • Accounts in Collections:
        • 6+ or $501 balance (Automatic Denial)
      • Late Payments or NSFs:
        • 3+ Late Pays/year, Unpaid Damages, or Rent (Automatic Denial)
      • Landlord Disputes or Civil Judgements:
        • 4 or more in 2 years or any balance (Automatic Denial)

      Disclosure to Prospective Tenants Lease Related Fees:

      • Below is a list of our fee structure in the leasing process:
        • Application Fee: $65 per applicant over 18+ years old (Non-Refundable)
        • $200 Lease Processing Fee collected upon Lease Signing
        • $100-$300 Pet Acceptance Fee depending on PetScreening Paw Score collected upon Lease Signing
        • $25-$100/Month/Per Pet depending on PetScreening Paw Score for Pet Rent/Admin Fee
        • $200-300 Lease Extension/Renewal Fee at the end of the lease term
        • $40.95/Month for Resident Benefits Package, which Includes (Renters Insurance, Online Tenant Maintenance, and Payment Portal, 24/7 Emergency Maintenance Hotline, HVAC Filter Delivery, Utility Setup Concierge, and Credit Building) Click Here for Details
        • $25 One-Time Fee at Move-In for Access to the "MyWalkThru" Smart Phone App for Tenant Self Move-In Property Condition Documenting (To help Prevent Security Deposit Disputes. See Details here

        • Pet screening fees (paid directly to PetScreening): $20 for the first pet. $15 for each additional pet. Service/Companion animal registration is (Free with proper documentation). No Pet Affidavit (Free)

        • Lease Risk Mitigation Fee: TouchPoint uses a Points-Based Application Background Check Scoring System that considers every aspect of the tenant's background check. We have determined by Broker's application scoring guidelines. Broker's experience has shown that tenants with scores below the optimal amount are more likely to pay late or otherwise default on their lease obligations. This creates a higher workload, expenses, and more risk for Broker and Owner. Therefore, the Tenant does have to pay a non-refundable Risk Mitigation Admin Fee in the amount of (See below) due prior to Move-In. Applicants with a score of 15-22 points: will pay an additional nonrefundable, upfront Lease Risk Mitigation Fee in the amount of $500 minimum prior to Move-In.

        • Move-Out Cleaning Agreement Fee To lessen the Resident’s workload at move-out, avoid Move-Out cleaning discrepancies and penalties, and ensure that the Premises meets TouchPoint’s standards for a new resident to move in...Resident agrees to pay a non-refundable, administrative Move-Out Fee in the amount of up to 50% of the monthly rent prior to Move-In, in consideration of TouchPoint not requiring Resident to leave the Premises Professionally Deep Cleaned upon move out.


      Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions. 
      ***Email is preferred and quicker. Our email address is
      If you would like to schedule a 15-minute call with one of our Application Processors...please Click this convenient scheduling link.

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